A Gracious Place

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

John Owen & The Queen

I had an opportunity to preach last night at sixtythree our midweek service at HBC. Inspired by the following quote from John Owen, I chose to talk about the Queen of Sheba.

The queen of Sheba had heard much of Solomon, and framed many great thoughts of his magnificence in her mind thereupon; but when she came and saw his glory, she was forced to confess that the one half of the truth had not been told her. We may suppose that we have here attained great knowledge, clear and high thoughts of God; but, alas! When he shall bring us into his presence we shall cry out, “We never knew him as he is; the thousandth part of his glory, and perfection, and blessedness, never entered into our hearts.

The greatest thoughts you’ve ever had about God are still very small compared to the glory of his splendor! Take heart! The Trinity will far exceed your best expectations, and all the reports you’ve ever heard of His goodness.