A Gracious Place

Thursday, September 07, 2006

12 Week Checkup

Yesterday we had an appointment at the doctor’s office. Everything is going very well. Diedra is 12 weeks along, and is feeling very much better as of Monday. We had an ultrasound, and it was awesome! We could see the baby’s head and body, even little arms and legs. Our doctor showed us the beating heart, and the spine. Incredible.

It’s a bit hard to process, I’m glad we have a few more months to watch, think, and pray. Life is changing forever-a change we’ve prayed for and we welcome, with a sense of fear mingled with doubt, joy, and hope. We’ll have another glimpse of our son (or daughter) in eight weeks, at which time we will learn the sex and decide what color to paint the nursery. Fun times! Thanks for your prayers.