A Gracious Place

Monday, February 19, 2007

Counting Down, Getting Ready

We had a shower at Baylor with Dan's co-workers. I went up there on a Friday night and we had pizza and presents in the lounge. They were so kind! they gave us the stroller and car seat we registered for, as well as a beautiful cover for the car seat, nursing pillow, and homemade hooded bath towel.

Today I had my 36-week checkup. All is well! Praise the Lord for a smooth 3rd trimester so far. I am feeling big, but can still put my socks on so no complaints. Although, Dan would tell you have a creative way of doing it! I no longer have any room for her to grow up, her little boney bottom is right up against my sternum. She will just have to grow out from now on! I go to the doctor now once a week for the next three weeks. I have a feeling this last month is going to just fly by!!! There is a lot to do yet. However, I did wash some baby clothes, as you can see, and have started packing our bags.