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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anybody Got a Diaper?!

Wet Spot
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We took Miranda on her first outing with Mommy and Daddy on Saturday. We went to the pediatrician. She passed her weight check with flying colors. The doctor said she "looks GREAT!" Her parents on the other hand...failed the test. We were joking on the way in about how it would be funny if we showed up without the baby to the appointment. Well, we remembered the baby, we just forgot to bring her diaper bag. Her parents were embarrassed as they asked the nurse to get an "emergency" diaper for us...but we have had fun laughing at ourselves. And as Dan was changing her she peed all over the exam table...see the spot?! She got a sticker (Dora the Explorer), which I put in her baby book (picture in flickr). Her diaper bag got packed with all the essentials as soon as we got home. Crazy how it didn't once cross our minds to take it...we will learn. :o)