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Friday, April 13, 2007

Miracle Blanket

Miracle Blanket
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Here is Andie with her new “Miracle Blanket”. After it came in the mail it dawned on me that I actually bought something on the INTERNET with MIRACLE in the title. If that doesn’t scream gimic I don’t know what does?! However, as you can see it’s working great already and we haven’t even wrapped her in it;o) As shady as the name sounds I can appreciate it because it corresponds with Miranda Claire’s special code name…Miracle:o) And that she is!

In other news…
I think we have a GIANT on our hands. I was growing a little suspicious (no pun intended) noticing that her clothes were getting snug- maybe they just shrunk? That’s always our excuse right;o) So I got out the measuring tape, stretched her out, and measured her. She grew a whole inch in two weeks!!! Myself having not grown in nearly 10 years this just doesn’t seem right. At this rate, by the time she is 2 yrs old she will be 6 ft tall!

Miranda hasn’t smiled a real smile yet. I thought she did the other day as I was telling her “I love you, Miranda.” What better time to smile? She gave a big smile and then an equally big burp and I had to chalk that one up to gas. This morning as I tried to get her to smile I got more of a smirk-like “I know something you don’t know and I am way to cool to smile at you mom.”