A Gracious Place

Monday, August 06, 2007

A Small Taste

Well, here we are in the last week of Seminary, four years and one summer later. Dan finished his independent study last week and this week just has an online class to finish up by Friday. Since the online class isn’t requiring every spare minute of his time to complete, we have had a small taste of non-seminary life the past couple days.

This weekend we watched The Ten Commandments, half on Saturday and half on Sunday, since it is over three hours long. Dan couldn’t believe I had never seen it and I finally gave in, deciding a little boredom might be good for me. Besides it’s timely considering our exodus from seminary.☺ To my surprise, I really enjoyed it!!! Not really boring at all, once I got into the theatrical style of acting and the 1950’s special effects. Of course, the story is a bit embellished and I embarrassingly couldn’t decipher the fact from fiction as much as I would have hoped that I could.

This morning I made some of Diedra’s Famous Amish Scramble and we turned up Miranda’s CD, You Are My Little Bird, and had a dance fest. The jamming session abruptly ended with some puke (don’t worry, it wasn’t me-Miranda spit up). However, I think if she could talk she would say it was worth it. Besides a little puke never hurt anyone right? Right! Hopefully, she won’t inherit my phobia of throwing up and hopefully by the time her spit up turns into real puke I will have been desensitized. Anyway, after we put Miranda down for her morning nap, Dan geared up to work on some school work and I started reading Exodus to brush up on my “biblical” knowledge of the life of Moses. Then we both had the luxury of a nap this afternoon. It feels good to rest a bit.