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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tents & Kisses

Andie and the Tent
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Dan's off camping/watching deer (since it's the off season) with a friend. So Miranda and I did a little camping of our own. We made a tent. Unfortunately there really wasn't room for both of us in it at the same time. She's just getting so big;-)

The magazine rack in the background is the barrier we use to keep her away from the plants. She loves to pull up and stand by this thing. She also loves giving kisses now. It's so cute. She gives her stuffed animals kisses, her dolls kisses, the characters in books kisses. She even gives the lady on the back of the magazine (in background) a kiss. And of course she gives her mommy and daddy kisses. One time I was sitting beside her on the floor and she was standing by the couch and she just leaned over and gave me a kiss with no solicitation. It made my day. She is such a sweet baby.