A Gracious Place

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Better than the Back of the Cereal Box!

You know how we often say things out of rote habit. The most common probably being: “How are you?”


And, the most awkward for me, when the lady at the ticket counter says, “Have a good trip.”

And I reply, “You too!”…doh!

Lately, I have been thinking about the words we repeat after almost every prayer: “In Jesus’ name.” What exactly does it mean? Why do we say it? Why is it important? Recently we got a Reformation Heritage Books flyer in the mail (You get all those cool flyers when you have a husband who graduated from seminary). I was reading the front cover as I was eating my breakfast––nothing else better to read on the table. On the front was a summary of Heirs with Christ: The Puritans on Adoption, by Joel R. Beeke. In the middle of this summary was a sentence explaining why we pray “In Jesus’ name”–– a golden nugget. It is probably the best one-liner on this topic that I have read (not that I have read a lot).

“Praying to God as ‘our Father’ implies coming in Jesus’ name and under His representation, for we only have a hearing as children because of our close association with the One with foundational rights the throne of grace.” -JTC, Tolle Lege (May 2008: Volume 6, Issue 2)

So now maybe I can consciously consider why I am praying in Jesus' name and for a moment be thankful that I can approach the Father's throne with confidence...at least until it becomes habit again.