A Gracious Place

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


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Miranda and Grandma had a good visit with Johnny yesterday. Miranda really exclaimed when she came into the room. She was a little concerned about the band-aide on my arm where they had just removed my IV (I was really glad that wasn't in when she came!), but we got rid of that and then she enjoyed sitting with Mommy on the bed eating her box of animal crackers. She didn't pay too much attention to her new little brother after the initial wow, probably because she was just glad to be with Mommy and Daddy and because her surroundings were different...oh, and did I mention the chocolate shake she was sharing with me?

It's hard to tell how well she is connecting the dots, but I have a feeling that she understands more than we give her credit. When Dan walked them out and was putting Miranda in the van she said, "Bye, bye, Mama...bye, bye, baby, Mama". Not only does that break my heart, but it shows something may be clicking. I'm really looking forward to being all together at home!