A Gracious Place

Friday, January 09, 2009


Today Miranda took a long nap. Actually, she’s been taking long naps all week, so I didn’t think too much of it…maybe it’s a growth spurt? But I figured growth spurt or not three hours was long enough. So I unsuspectingly walk into her dimly lit room to see my cheerful girl standing there waiting for me. When I saw her fist full of something my first thought was “how did she get raisins in her bed?” But upon sniffing…you guessed it…little poop pebbles!!! My only guess is that she thought they were so hard and round that they were cute little balls (which she is especially fond of). And she must have went digging in her diaper for one after the other, because poop was up underneath her finger nails…ugh! I hate to even think that she might have put some in her mouth, but there were a couple “crumbs” on her face. However, her breath didn’t smell like poop, so I consoled myself with that. Needless to say she went directly to the tub and all her bedding, clothes, and my clothes went in the washer. As she soaked we had a nice long chat about how poop is messy, yucky, dirty, and we do not touch it or eat it…and how she is not to put her hands down her diaper ever, ever again. It was bound to happen sometime…like a rite of passage. Maybe she is having a growth spurt after all.