A Gracious Place

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Tonight as I was putting Johnny down for the night he spotted the hall tree in the corner of our bedroom and waved to it. By the light coming through the cracked open closet it must of looked like a person:-) I took him closer for an introduction and he clung close to me and pulled back. So funny!

Speaking of funny, at supper Miranda was playing with her food and it was hilarious. She was talking to her green beans and trying to get them to swing on her piece of spaghetti. She was saying things like, "You stay there for two hours". Then she lined her beans up and put a piece of spaghetti over top, told them to go to sleep and proceeded to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to them.

Johnny's new found love is climbing. He practiced climbing steps and going down backwards while we were in Goshen. Now he can get up on the couch, the top of the couch, and down from the arm rest to the floor all by himself. He also took four steps today. And he said "Uh oh" for the first time this week. He's just a hunk of baby love. I am constantly squeezing him to soak it all in.