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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Two Little Pumpkins

My Two Little Pumpkins
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We went to the Arboretum last week with the mommy group from my church. It was a little muddy from all the rain we've had, but a lot of fun. There were pumpkins everywhere and Miranda and Johnny loved being able to climb on them, touch them, and carry them around.

In other news Johnny's nose has been runny (understatement) for about 2 weeks now. I think he's getting his molars. He loves walking around and being chased. He'll be running around soon! He has also decided to only take one nap a day now. He still spends some quiet time in his bed mid morning- sometimes with toys, sometimes without. Even though he doesn't sleep he still needs some down time, because he doesn't really know how to take a break. He plays hard!

Miranda is a chatterbox and likes to give a ongoing commentary of what she sees, does, or thinks. This results in many funny things coming out of her mouth. Today she was feeling her neck and she said, "My neck doesn't have cheeks like my forehead does." (She meant like her face does.) She is memorizing her books at an incredible rate and Dan and I would like to get more of The Word into her while her brain is such a sponge. She loves pretending to be Dora and going on adventures. It's fun to make everyday activities like taking a bath (aka Bathtub Lake) an adventure.