A Gracious Place

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Andie's First Sign

Last week Miranda and I were eating lunch and I was talking to her about daddy being at work and she did the sign for daddy for the first time. I was amazed so I got the camera and she did it again. This week she said "da da" and did the sign for daddy at the same time. Also, we have a lot of ducks around the ponds near our apartment, so I am always signing "duck" with her. This week, on one of our walks, she signed, "duck". Signing is fun because it lets me into her world. One time she signed, "daddy" while I had her on the changing table. It is interesting to know that she thinks about him even when he's not around and I am not talking about him.

By the way, Dan gets the credit for her first sign. I haven't been teaching her "mommy" and "daddy" because I thought that she would be able to say them by the time she could sign them anyway. I even told Dan so as he was attempting to teach her. Well, I guess they both showed me! You can bet I'm doing the sign for mommy now.