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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Reading with Baby

Reading with Baby
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Here is Miranda reading to her baby during her Pack N Play Time, which she has for about 20-30 minutes after breakfast. I tried to get a video up so you could hear the audio, her jibber jabber, but I'm still working on that. The other day we were with a little girl a year older than Miranda and as they were walking holding hands, Miranda was jabbering away. The other girl looked at her and said, "Ma-Randa, whada you say'n?" with a very confused look on her face. I tried to explain to her that Miranda is still practicing her words.

Miranda loves this new tutu someone gave her a few days ago. It's almost too small to reach around her belly, so we are getting use out of it while we can. So far she's worn it every day. Her Baby, on the other hand, no longer wears any clothes. I got tired of dressing it, just to have the clothes taken off 2 seconds later. But the baby doesn't seem to mind and Miranda doesn't notice either.

I think "baby" is Miranda's most used word these days. She notices babies in books, babies when we're out, babies in pictures, baby dolls. And we've had the infant car seat in the back of our van for about a month now because I've used it with friends when we go places. So EVERY time when she's climbing into her car seat she points at it and says, "baby!". Hopefully, this fascination with babies will not wear out and she'll love her baby brother to bits.