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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Moments Like These...

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Here is Miranda playing with Johnny's string of drool...believe it or not. I keep saying that Johnny now has puppy status in Miranda's eyes. She is really beginning to enjoy her brother. She likes to tell him what to play with, hug him, tell me when he spits up or poops, and of course, tell him "No Johnny!".

In other news, Miranda has been potty training and getting stickers as rewards. Today we ran out of the "My Little Pony" stickers and I was so excited to bust out the Dora stickers. She's on a Dora kick right now because we got a book and a DVD from the library. Anyway, there were so many cool ones to chose from- Boots with balloons, Dora and Boots (her monkey friend), etc. What did she choose??? A tiny little star sticker. She had difficulty placing it on her sticker chart it was so small. Kids find such joy in the simple things. I love it!