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Friday, April 03, 2009

2 Year Old Interview

So I got this idea from a friend's blog (thanks Pam) who interviewed her 3 year old daughter. I think it's a great thing to do each year and will be fun to look back over the answers. I wasn't quite sure how Miranda would do because she hasn't really used the word favorite yet and I didn't know if she would understand, but I think she did pretty well. I did no coaxing...however, I had to focus her a little with the last one because she was on the potty when I asked her and I got a little bit of gibberish with "potty" and I'm pretty sure the potty isn't her best friend, although she does spend a lot of time there.

What is your favorite color? "Rainbow"
(And I thought for sure it would be pink:-))

What is your favorite toy? "Books"
(No surprise there)

What is your favorite animal? "Lion...Noah's Ark"
(I think she just said the first animal that popped into her head)

What is your favorite movie? "Signing Time...Pooh, Pooh"
(I guess it's a tie)

Where do you live? "Living Room"
(On a micro level this is actually quite true!)

Who is Jesus? "God is Jesus"
(Not bad for a two year old theologian)

How old are you? "Eleven"
(To which I replied, "No, you are only two. Thank goodness! And gave her a kiss)

Who is your best friend? "Johnny"
(This came after a little talk about how she has friends at church...does she have a best friend at church? I thought she would list all of her friends at church, but she said, "Johnny". Melt my heart:-))

It was so fun to hear her answers! Miranda, don't grow up too fast!