A Gracious Place

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bike Riding

Check out Miranda's new skills! Miranda had really taken to the neighbor girl's new tricycle, so we decided it was time to get her a bike. I thought it would take a lot of coaxing on our part to get her to learn, but we brought it home and she road it for about an hour and a half straight. I couldn't believe how she stuck to it. She fell down a couple times and didn't even cry. Finally, it was time to go inside and when we took her helmet off her hair was drenched with sweat and her cheeks all rosy. It was all very bittersweet. I had such joy in watching her learn and be independent, but was reminded that there is no turning back with this growing up thing. I felt like she grew up quite a bit that day.

In the video she says bye to me and to Dan and then she says, "Going past you! Straight ahead". Her running commentary was so funny. One time she passed by Dan and exclaimed, "I LOVE IT!"