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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees and Johnny's FIRST Haircut

We've had fun this Christmas season making lots of goodies; puppy chow, Christmas tree cupcakes, a gingerbread house, and ice cream cone Christmas trees. Here are some pictures of the later. They did a good job of waiting to eat the candy until after it made it on the tree, but barely. Miranda was so funny when she helped me make the puppy chow. She had helped me measure and pour the chex mix and then I went to the kitchen to melt the chocolate, peanut butter and butter together. As I proceeded to pour the melted chocolaty goodness over the cereal Miranda exclaimed, "Mommy, you are (pause) AMAZING!" I think she was just overcome with the idea of chocolate being poured all over cereal:-)

It was time for Miranda to get a haircut too and we thought it might help if Johnny saw her go first. She took her haircut very seriously following every tilt of the head instruction carefully. She had this look on her face about the whole time.

Johnny's turn! He did really well and sat there like a very big, brave boy.

Before and After
Can you tell which is which? ;-) I guess the sucker kind of gives it away.