A Gracious Place

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Mini Vacation

We just got back from Galveston!

Here's a sneak peak of photos from the weekend.

On the drive home, I said, "woo hoo! Only 60 miles to Dallas!" I asked Miranda after four hours in the car if she was excited to almost be home. She said, "No, I like vacation." We had a great time!

I've shared some of this via facebook updates, but thought others might like to hear.

Miranda walking into Target, "It's weird how the doors open". I guess she just noticed the automatic doors after the bazillion times we've been there.

Johnny's favorite "book" from the library- the free DFW Auto Finder Magazine he pulled off the rack in the foyer as we were walking out. He loves him some cars and trucks!

Miranda, "Whoops...that's short for whoopsiedasie!"