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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Miranda's Dedication

Mother's Day
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We dedicated Miranda on Mother's Day. It was so nice that Dan's parents could be here. The pastor gave a precise explanation of what a baby dedication actually means to the child, the parents, and the community of faith. (Good thing we got it on tape because it is kind of like our wedding day, mostly a blur full of smiles.) He said that a dedication is by no means a work of salvation, but for the child means they will grow up in the community of faith where they will hear the Story and hopefully respond in faith by the gracious work of the Holy Spirit. For the parents it means that we recognize that the Sovereign God is Lord of all creation (including our daughter) and that we humbly submit by confessing that the Lord may do with her life what He wills to do for the glory of His Name. For the community of faith it means that our brothers and sisters will help us to bring up this child in the training and instruction of the Lord.

In dedicating her we verbally confessed in the positive to the following questions:

1. Do you believe the Father created your child in body and soul?

2. Do you believe all the days of your child are in the Father's hand?

3. Do you promise to raise your child in the instruction of the Lord on the basis of the Holy Scriptures?

Only by the grace of God working in our lives can we possibly believe and promise these things. Lord, help us, by the power of your Spirit, for we are sinners!

It was a day of thankful rejoicing, mingled with memories of pain, and grief for those who are grieving.