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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Andie's Girlfriends

Andie's Girlfriends
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When I was home I was able to see my two college roommates, Molly and Meredith. All three of us have had girls within a year. It was great to get together with them and see their little girls. Here is Andie with her new friends, Anna (5 mths) and Georgia (11 mths).

Since I have returned I have reflected a little on my trip. Here are some of my thoughts:


Wear jogging shoes (not as needed if you follow a couple of the other guidelines below) and pants with and elastic waist. (Old maternity pants work well and you may still need to be wearing them anyway:-( These are especially helpful when using the restroom with a baby strapped to you).

Pray the Lord providentially sits you by someone who loves babies.

When riding an escalator with a stroller, just as much caution is needed upon exiting as is needed when getting on. Make sure stroller is centered and wheels are directed straight ahead.

Err on the side of a long layover rather than a short one- that is if you want to be able to eat or go to the bathroom, WALK to your gate, leave time for delays, board early- basically make your connection while keeping your sanity.

There is no hot water in an airplane bathroom, but warming milk with your own body heat works well, that is if your body is warm.

Nursing in public is public. Don’t waste time looking for a discreet corner in the airport. There aren’t any. And the “family bathroom” has no added comforts, just enough standing room for your whole family.

Make friends quickly with the person sitting next to you. You may need their assistance in changing a poopy diaper.

And this should be a given, but... CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOUR GATE HASN’T CHANGED. Even if (especially if) you only have ten minutes to get to your next flight, as the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention…”