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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just Hatched

Just Hatched
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We've been watching this mother with her eggs for some time now and this week we were fortunate enough to see this little treat. We are so blessed to have such nature right outside our door... in the city! This picture was taken just off the walking path by our apartment complex which meanders around lakes and through trees. I am pretty sure these ducklings had hatched just a few hours earlier because one of them (in another picture) didn’t even have fluffy feathers yet. I went back to check on them later in the evening and the ducks had already left the nest and were sitting safely under their mother’s wing by the water’s edge. I wished I could have been there to see them jump from the tree and bounce onto the ground. Those poor ducklings had at least three feet to free-fall. Andie LOVES going on walks. She is usually wide-eyed with her head cranked straight back, (which cracks Dan and I up) but on this particular day she slept through most of the nature hike.

By the way, Miranda is official a roller over. She rolled over from her stomach to her back three times today!