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Thursday, October 16, 2008

34 weeks

34 weeks
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Here we are at 34 weeks! But on Sunday I'll be 35 weeks. The days are just flying by. He moves like crazy so things must not be too tight in there for him yet. I've been feeling really well. However, I did mention to Dan that a good sympathy exercise for him would be to try putting on the support hose I wear with a soccer ball under his shirt. But he really doesn't need to do that because he's very encouraging and sympathetic. And he doesn't complain about my nighttime activities- flipping, flopping, pillow adjustments, and bathroom trips- he just quietly slips out to the couch.

He's a wonderful husband and father. Miranda talks about him all the time, when he's gone and when he's home. When he's playing with her she looks to me with a smile on her face and says, "Dada", like "Mommy, look what Daddy's doing. He's so fun!". Also, when Dan can't resist rocking Miranda for a little bit before she goes to sleep they play a game called "Cuddly-Cozy". The object of the game is to snuggle into each other as much as possible and say, "cuddly cozy, cuddly cozy". All I hear, though, are Miranda's giggles from her bedroom. Music to my ears. Children are such a joy and we are so excited to share life with another little one VERY soon!