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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Warming Up!

The Blosser Cafe
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Here are Miranda and Johnny just come in from playing in the...ice. We didn't get much snow, but we got lots of ice pellets. I was thankful I hauled the snow pants back with us from Indiana because it has been frigid! It's actually been a few degrees colder here than in IN the past couple of days, in the teens.

We've been trying to keep busy while being iced in. On Monday Dan built a cardboard kitchen, credit for the idea given to Family Fun Magazine. I think it is so cute and it is quite possible that I enjoy looking at it more than they like playing with it and they've had a lot of fun. Johnny kept saying he was making cheese. They've also had a lot of fun with a huge box I got from the neighbor who got a new washer. Hours of fun from a cardboard box with a door cut into it! And when they tire of it, just toss it- can't beat that!

Click on this picture to view more. I don't think the resolution on these pictures is the greatest because I did the fast upload. But there they are.