A Gracious Place

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hangin' On!

One week from today I’ll be done with semester #5. I won’t bother trying to evoke your pity by listing all the things that must be accomplished in the next seven days. We’re just hangin’ on tight, and prayin’ to the Father to sustain us by His Spirit. Our Hebrew professor reminded us today that people all around the country are praying for us (frantic DTS students). That was a good word. Thanks for praying. It means more than words can express. In many ways this has been the most difficult semester thus far- both academically, and personally. The Lord is so good, and I’m thankful for dear saints like ya’ll who beg the Father on our behalf.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


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Over Thanksgiving Break, Darren and Caroline Lehman were with us here in Dallas. We had a great time! We ate and ate and talked and talked. We saw the famous Grassy Noll, shopped at the great IKEA, had some stellar Tex-Mex food, and we skated around the giant Christmas Tree at the Galleria Mall. For those unfamiliar, Darren is Diedra's brother. Good times, great family! What a blessing when we live 1000 miles apart! Thanks for making the trip!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Seder

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Recently, we gathered with some of our friends from our Israel Tour for an "authentic" Seder, that is a celebration of Passover. Dr. Wallace hosted, and via careful research presented with his wife and son an awesome experience. We started with ritual foot and hand washing, and continued through the various phases of the Passover meal as described by first century Jewish writings. The meal included the four ceremonial glasses of wine, each of which had awesome significance in God's redemptive plan. The main course was lamb (appropriately). Altogether, it was a wonderful experience of fellowship with our Israel friends, and an educational glimpse into the last supper shared by Christ and His disciples.