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Friday, October 24, 2008

"Sssh, the Baby is Sleeping"

For the past couple days Miranda's new pretend game is putting her baby doll to bed, "nigh, nigh", in her crib. Waiting a little bit and then going to get the baby up...and repeat. Every time she puts the baby to bed she comes out and puts her finger to her mouth and tells Dan and I to be quiet, "sh, sh, sh". Well, one time we had all forgotten about the baby in the bed for over an hour and when Dan opened the door to Miranda's room to get something, Miranda immediately said, "sh, sh, sh". We were amazed at her memory and her conscientiousness for the baby. She's a good little mommy:-)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dan's New Blog

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

34 weeks

34 weeks
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Here we are at 34 weeks! But on Sunday I'll be 35 weeks. The days are just flying by. He moves like crazy so things must not be too tight in there for him yet. I've been feeling really well. However, I did mention to Dan that a good sympathy exercise for him would be to try putting on the support hose I wear with a soccer ball under his shirt. But he really doesn't need to do that because he's very encouraging and sympathetic. And he doesn't complain about my nighttime activities- flipping, flopping, pillow adjustments, and bathroom trips- he just quietly slips out to the couch.

He's a wonderful husband and father. Miranda talks about him all the time, when he's gone and when he's home. When he's playing with her she looks to me with a smile on her face and says, "Dada", like "Mommy, look what Daddy's doing. He's so fun!". Also, when Dan can't resist rocking Miranda for a little bit before she goes to sleep they play a game called "Cuddly-Cozy". The object of the game is to snuggle into each other as much as possible and say, "cuddly cozy, cuddly cozy". All I hear, though, are Miranda's giggles from her bedroom. Music to my ears. Children are such a joy and we are so excited to share life with another little one VERY soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miranda reading "I Heard Said the Bird"

This is Miranda's favorite library book. It's about a bird that flies into the barnyard saying that he heard there is a "New One" coming. All the animals wonder who the "New One" is going to be. Is it a duckling? No. Is it a piglet? No. Finally a little boy comes to talk to the animals and lets them know the "New One" is in the house. They all tiptoe to the window and look inside to see a new baby boy! But you can listen to the story again as Miranda reads it:-)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Reading with Baby

Reading with Baby
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Here is Miranda reading to her baby during her Pack N Play Time, which she has for about 20-30 minutes after breakfast. I tried to get a video up so you could hear the audio, her jibber jabber, but I'm still working on that. The other day we were with a little girl a year older than Miranda and as they were walking holding hands, Miranda was jabbering away. The other girl looked at her and said, "Ma-Randa, whada you say'n?" with a very confused look on her face. I tried to explain to her that Miranda is still practicing her words.

Miranda loves this new tutu someone gave her a few days ago. It's almost too small to reach around her belly, so we are getting use out of it while we can. So far she's worn it every day. Her Baby, on the other hand, no longer wears any clothes. I got tired of dressing it, just to have the clothes taken off 2 seconds later. But the baby doesn't seem to mind and Miranda doesn't notice either.

I think "baby" is Miranda's most used word these days. She notices babies in books, babies when we're out, babies in pictures, baby dolls. And we've had the infant car seat in the back of our van for about a month now because I've used it with friends when we go places. So EVERY time when she's climbing into her car seat she points at it and says, "baby!". Hopefully, this fascination with babies will not wear out and she'll love her baby brother to bits.

Pack N Play1
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