A Gracious Place

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Johnny and I have been avid conferees over the past couple weeks. As Academic interns at DTS, we can rack up hours (400 mandatory) by attending theology conferences. First, (11/11-11/12) we went to the Pruit Symposium at Baylor University in Waco. The theme was “Global Christianity.” The keynote speaker was Mark Noll, who wrote my history text! Last week (11/15-11/18) we went to the National Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Valley Forge, PA. This is unofficially and affectionately known as “the gathering of the nerds.” Fascinating really, to witness the presentation of theological research by conservative scholars from around the world. DTS was well represented, both by attendance, and by presentation. Johnny and I shared a room with one of our systematic professors, and that in itself was worth the plane ticket! A humble man, he graciously answered our millions of questions. Much more could be said, but alas, I must read.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Type, Type, Type, Like a Fat Little Pigeon!

Emerging from my dark cave, my eyes slam shut, then open as slits as they encounter sunlight, so different from the iridescent glow of the computer screen. The bright rays strike the content of my hands, changing instantly into heat, which quickly dries the ink on the page. My back kyphotic, as Quasimodo, my posterior dangerously close to developing “chair sores,” I deliver the last paper of my three-week marathon: an exegetical of Romans 9:14-18. Thus bringing the grand total to three papers (totaling forty-four pages), a major Hebrew exam, and misc. quizzes. Thanks to all who knew, and were begging God on my behalf. I have experienced miracles. Now it's time to rest, catch up on all the reading I’ve neglected for the sake of writing, and play a bit.