A Gracious Place

Thursday, August 24, 2006


The Oaks
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Last week, we were on vacation with the Buegers and Williams in Connecticut. Johnnie’s extended family owns a vacation home on the Thames River. So, we all flew up to Hartford, rented a car, and drove to the house, near New London. We had a very relaxing time! The weather was perfect! A nice reprieve to our Texas summer (one of the hottest on record, I understand). The temperature was in the 70s and 80s during the day and 50s and 60s at night. Very Nice! We ate some great food, took naps, did puzzles, took more naps, did some fishing and boating, went to a museum, visited some friends in New Haven, took some more naps, had campfires almost every evening, and dreamed about the future. Great friends, we are so thankful.

Now we’re back, working hard, and gearing up for the fall semester. Another summer here and gone. One more school year (Lord willing). I’m taking Hebrew 3, Preaching 2, OT Prophets, and a Systematic Theology class, “Man, Sin, and Angels.” I’ll also be working on the beginning phases of my thesis. Here we go!

Dehydrated Diedra

Several days after Dad and Mom left, Diedra had a bout of dehydration which landed her in the ER for most of a day. They decided to admit her, and she spent the night in the hospital getting fluids. Five liters later, she felt a lot better! Don’t worry, she’s feeling much better now! The day after she returned from her hospital visit, we had a scheduled appointment with her doctor. It was quite special, because we got to see the baby’s heartbeat! Absolutely amazing!

Dad & Mom

Dad and Mom flew into town the day Eric and Leah were planning to leave, so we all piled in the car and met them at the airport. We had lunch, and then Eric and Leah headed home (Ohio). We had a great time with Dad and Mom. Mom pampered Diedra. It was awesome! She cooked, cleaned, and shopped. Dad helped me basically move everything out of the office so that I don’t have to clear the furniture during the middle of the semester. We disassembled my desk and moved all the bookshelves to various places in the apt. They helped us buy a sofa table to replace the desk, a fine solution for the computer. A tremendous help-thanks Mom and Dad!

Eric & Leah

It’s been quite an eventful month! We had my brother Eric and his wife Leah in town. Leah comes every year for the annual Mary Kay conference here in Dallas. Eric came along this time to spend some quality time with me (Dan), time for which I was very thankful. We had fun hanging out. We talked a lot of theology, specifically regarding sanctification. We also went shopping for cowboy boots and belt buckles. I got a sweet pair of ostrich skins, and Eric bought a couple of belts, plus a buckle for his friend. He spoke at Sixty Three, and presented his ministry. Good times.